Terms of Use

For your Burgundy Holidays with swimming pool, The Guest House La Cimentelle notifies you the Terms of Use

Terms of use for booking your Burgundy holidays

All Booking are considered confirmed when :

  1. First, you check availability of your burgundy holidays in La Cimentelle with our schedule.
  2. Then, you confirm by email by communicating your name, address and mobile phone numbers.
  3. In addition, you pay a deposit corresponding to 30% of the total cost of the stay; you therefore pay via PayPal with your bank card. But on which you don’t need an account. Instead, you can give us the card number and expiration date. Alternative deposit can be done doing a bank transfer to La Cimentelle’ s account.
  4. Finally, you will pay the rest of the price of your burgundy holidays at the property.
  5. All the prices are VAT included
  6. In addition, Breakfasts are included in the accommodation price (excluding cottage La Petite Cimentelle)
  7. Tourist Tax not Included: 1 € /adult/night to add to our prices.

Some information for your Burgundy Holidays in La Cimentelle

  1. First, you cannot smoke or vape in the Guest House. But you will find many ashtrays distributed in the park of La Cimentelle
  2. Then, we accept pets, within the limit of one per accommodation, and after previous arrangement by email. However, we do not provide a mat or a sleeping basket for them. Also, thank you for planning what is necessary to avoid hair and paw marks on carpets and bedspreads. On the other hand, pets are not accepted in the conservatory where breakfasts and dinners are served.
  3. In addition, we will appreciate knowing your approximate arrival time at La Cimentelle. Just, notice that we welcome travellers from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. Also, remember that we rest every day between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. Insofar as we are available early in the morning and late in the evening, we thank you for respecting our rest time.
  4. Finally, check-out is between 8:30 am and 11 am; since we serve breakfasts between 8h and 10h.
  5. we consider adult travellers from 15 years old; children are between 2 and 14 years old; babies are – 2 years old

Normal Cancellation Conditions

In the event of cancellation less than 7 days prior to arrival, we keep the deposit, or we will debit the equivalent from your bank card given as guaranty. Moreover, that delay is less than 30 days for the rental of the cottage: La Petite Cimentelle, for more than 3 rental days.
In the event that you decide to shorten your stay, the full rental amount for the period booked will be charged. So, for a booking more than 5 rooms for the same date, refund the deposit will not be made whenever the date of cancellation. For example, it will be the case for private reunion or business meeting.
Also, in case of no-show the total price of the reservation will be charged (rooms and dinners).

Exceptional Cancellation conditions

If La Cimentelle had to cancel your booking, your deposit will be given back to you, added with an indemnity equivalent at 50 % of the amount of your own penalty if you cancel at that date.
In any case, if the cancelation is because independent events from La Cimentelle stopping the accommodation activity, these conditions no longer apply. For example, and with a non-exhaustive list: Climatic phenomena, interruptions of energy fluids, total or partial destruction of buildings, epidemic, revolution, etc.).
Then, these cancellations will be managed on a case by case basis, and according to the collateral consequences. The deposit can be kept regardless of the cancellation period; the deposit can be refunded. However, this deposit can be attributed to another stay. In the context of the current epidemic, we will refund the deposit if the French state decides on a driving ban. For groups, we suggest as an alternative to postpone the deposit to a subsequent stay, unless agreed prior to booking.

Dinner at “La Table d’Hôtes de La Cimentelle

For your Burgundy holiday at La Cimentelle, we can welcome you for dinner, but only with a pre-reservation, normally every day of the week excluding Wednesday, a resting day for us.
In addition, for each day check with us if we organize a dinner or not, and book for it in advance. The dinner is served at 7.30 or 8 pm all together with the others Guests. Currently separate tables only, or snack
So, If you can’t arrive at that time , many thanks to check with us if we can serve you later, because of the respect for others Guests. But, if you prefer a table alone for you or your small family, we can arrange it in advance.

On the other hand, everything is included in the price of the Table d’Hôtes: Aperitif, Starter, main course, Cheeses plateau, desserts, sweets, wine, and coffee. After that, for your children we can propose a first dinner service at 7 pm.

Private access to the Pool of La Cimentelle

First, the travellers living in the main Building of the Guest House can have an access to the private swimming-pool. Then, the pool is heated, and normally open from April to October. But check in advance the availability.
Use of the pool are in the morning up to 1:00 pm and in the afternoon from 4:00 pm onwards 8 pm.
Outside of these times, we thank you for respecting our privacy within La Cimentelle.

Travelers staying in the Gîte de la Petite Cimentelle have their own private space at their disposal: garden, parking, outdoor spa.
However, access to the swimming pool or to the Orangery of La Cimentelle is not systematic. Thank you for checking this possibility based on the presence of other travellers.

Please note that the swimming pool is not open to the general public and swimming is not supervised. Therefore, use of the swimming pool, the surrounding areas and other leisure facilities are at your own risk. In addition, the children can’t be alone in the swimming-pool area. Closed the gate with the key if you are the last swimmer, and advise the owners to close the cover.Finally, do not handle the cover of the pool by yourself.

You are welcome to use of the facilities; however, we would appreciate your treating all garden furniture and pool equipment with respect and notify us immediately in the event of any damage.
For the safety of all, please remember to close parasols leaving the pool.
Refrain yourself bringing the pool towels in the rooms.
We provide you with many tables in the park for all consumption. We thank you in advance to not introducing a glass bottle into the pool.

Other usefull information for your Burgundy Holidays

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  • We provide 2 electric charging stations with Tesla® type 2 sockets. We will therefore charge an additional €10 for a daily charging package. On the other hand, only travellers residing in the Guest house for a night benefit from this service.
  • La Cimentelle is an old country house, but all the modern comfort of insulation and heating allows a very pleasant stay. However, it is important to optimize the general temperature by keeping doors closed, and setting the heating thermostat to 3.
  • Please remember to turn off any electrical equipment when leaving your room or any other part of the accommodation.
  • Also, when you come back late evening, we appreciate that you ensure to simply close the doors of the parking gate and to lock the front door with your key.
  • The interior metal staircase is reserved for access to the Restaurant area at meal times. During the day, please use the main stairway.
  • Using car park is done with the own guest responsibility; La Cimentelle can’t be responsible of any damage or origin of it.
  • Information on tourist activities of Burgundy holidays are available for guests of the Bed and Breakfast: Vézelay, Chablis, Beaune, Morvan, Fontenay’s abbey, medieval villages, castles and washhouses of Yonne.
  • Drinks are available Pinot noir, Chablis, rosé , Fruit nectars, Sodas, Beers from Vézelay or Chablis
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