How to find BnB and Hôtel La Cimentelle?

Location of La Cimentelle BnB at Vassy North of Avallon.

BnB La Cimentelle is located in Vassy (Etaule), just north of Avallon.
In addition, its location in North Burgundy is between Auxerre and Dijon, next to in the A6 (E15) motorway halfway between Lyon and Paris.
Second, the Cimentelle is close to the A5 -A26 (E17-E54) highways via Reims, Troyes and Tonnerre, via the D444, then the D944.
This is why, La Cimentelle is a central stop, or an ideal vacation spot to discover the hidden treasures of Burgundy.
Our BnB offers friendly accommodation and a relaxing stopover, as well as a meeting place for business or family meetings.

But be careful not to confuse Vassy-Etaule with Vassy-sous-Pisy (35 km East of the A6 motorway).

By Plane

2h30 drive from Paris or Lyon airports
Aérodrome Avallon : Carte VAC 

By train

High speed train Paris – Montbard  : 1 h
Local train Paris – Avallon : 2h45

By Car

Montbard Car Rental
Auxerre Car Rental
Avallon Car Rental  
Do not confuse Vassy – Etaule with Vassy-sous-Pisy (35 km East of the A6 motorway)
Satellite coordinates DMS 47° 32′ 12″ N 03° 55′ 07″ E
Satellite coordinates Décimales Degree : N : 47.5366 E : 3.9166

Exit Highway 

First, A6  (E15) n°21 : Nitry (10 Kms) coming from north
Second, A6 (E15)  n°22  : Avallon (6 Kms) coming from south
Finally, A5 -A26   n°21 (E17-E54)  : Troyes-sud (100 Kms), Tonnerre, via Noyers-sur-Serein, Chablis or Nitry

Going to the BnB …

Beaune – La Cimentelle : 100 Kms
Troyes – La Cimentelle : 100 Kms
Dijon – La Cimentelle : 100 Kms
Paris – La Cimentelle : 200 Kms
Lyon – La Cimentelle : 250 Kms

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