Dinner at La Cimentelle

For your stay at B&B Vassy Etaule next to Avallon; just think to book a gastronomic Burgundy dinner served at La Cimentelle.

Gastromic Burgundy Dinner in Avallon

During your stay at La Cimentelle, consider booking a dinner at the Table d’Hôtes. Thus, Nathalie and Stéphane will delight you, taking special care of your taste pleasure. Nathalie holds a qualification in cooking and pastry. For his part, Stéphane is a specialist in the food industry and has followed training at the Paul Bocuse institute in Lyon.
In addition, we serve a unique menu at a common table at 7:30 p.m. Nevertheless, we remain flexible to your requests or needs: special menus, separate table, or different schedule.

Anyway, everything is done for the Gourmets:

  • Burgundy specialties: Snails, Poached eggs in wine burgundy sauce, Gougères, Poultry with Chablis sauce 
  • Stéphane’s suggestions: Vegetables, vegetarian plates, red veal tenderloin, macaroons, nougat
  • Nathalie’s variations: Terrines of foie gras, Gravlax salmon, quail with grapes, gratin ..
  • Desserts : Chocolat lava cake, soufflé, cream puffs, Tangerine Opéra
  • Sweets : Macarons, caramels, nougats, meringues

The Burgundy Dinner at La Cimentelle is :

  1. Starter – Main Course 
  2. Local Cheeses
  3. Dessert and sweets
  4. Coffee- tea – herbs tea – Fresh filtered water AQuachiara

Wine available on site
Chablis (Chardonnay) and Pinot noir from Burgundy
Glass of wine D-Vine
Sparkling filtered water AQuachiara

Consequences of the Epidemic

In the current epidemic context, we only serve separated tables, in a limited number: Think to book.

Family gastronomic Dinner.

The French Gastromy in Burgundy.

“An important social and cultural experience, strong conviviality, an invitation into the French way of life, creating new connections amongst guests.” This moment is written in the recognition by UNESCO of the French Gastronomic experience as being part of The Intangible Cultural World Heritage.

The Greedy Sociableness during Burgundy Dinner :

It is no longer permitted to sulk when one dines together; and the good harmony that follows an excellent feast should, between honest folk last at least six months. It is important that the guests also recognise the efforts of their host: one should prohibit all form of gossip during the same period. This behaviour applies to all gourmets; a duty all the more sacred that is built on foundations of gratitude and optimism”Grimod de la Reynière (1600-1756) : French Gastronomic Critic

“A man seldom thinks with more earnestness of anything than he does of his dinner; and if he cannot get that well dressed, he should be suspected of inaccuracy in other things” Samuel Johnson on Food & Drink.

“Waiting too long for a late guest is disrespectful to everyone present.”
 Anthelme Brillat-Savarin / Physiologie du goût: Politician and Gastronomist (1755-1826)

For whom and how much?

 “The pleasure of the table is of all ages, all conditions, all countries and every day” Anthelme Brillat-Savarin / Physiologie du goût : Politician and Gastronomist (1755-1826)

Prices 2023-24   :
Adult : 45 € excluding  drinks
Adult menu for children : 35 €uros
Children menu (- 10 ans)  : 15 €uros
Children menu (-15 ans) : 20 €uros

Finaly, check with us the availability of the dinner depending on your day of reservation; for example we do not provide this service on Wednesday evenings. However, this may also concern certain other evenings.

Therm of use for accommodation
 Possibility of cooking classes during the afternoon before the dinners.



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