Patrimoine culturel

During your stay at La Cimentelle, enjoy the rich heritage of the High Burgundy and visit, for example, the building site of Guedelon castle.

Visit Guédelon

Pour vos excursions en Bourgogne, votre séjour à La Cimentelle sera le point de départ idéal.
La Cimentelle will be a perfect start for your excursions in Burgundy. The true treasure of our region is the limestone, so much that it is omnipresent in every ancient edifices. The best place to discover this part of Burgundy heritage is the building site of Guedelon. Here, you will find a castle under construction which respects medieval building techniques.

Castles and eternal hills

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Visit those massive fortresses and castles :
Ancy-le-Franc, Bussy-RabutinChateauneuf en Auxois, or Beru castles.
n their walls, you will admire posterns and towers.
In the Bazoches castle you will follow the history of Vauban, but if you are more interested in litterature you can learn more about the Marquise of Sévigné story in the castle of Epoisses. You can also discover the story of the Dukes of Burgundy in the Chastellux castle.

You will find information about religious war in the Tanlay castle, also, a sound and light show in Saint-Fargeau (near to Guedelon) will carry you away in a past time.

Go to fortified hills where you will imagine the history of an old feudal country. Free company soldiers and Dukes of Burgundy will lead you to Montréal, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Noyers sur Serein, Avallon. Traditional colour-tiled roof, bell towers such as Beaune and Dijon‘ ones also, traditionnal wash houses will charm you : : Tonnerre, Chablis, Nitry, Semur en Auxois,Auxerre, Montbard,….

Spirituality and culture

House of christianism, our region will lead you throught the path of Saint-Bernard, abbot of Clerveaux during the XIIth century.
Two sites are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites : Vézelay and the Fontenay abbey, a perfect depiction of Roman art.

In the middle of this ocean of grass, you will maybe find some steeples, crypts or collegiate church : Cluny, PontignyCiteaux, or La Pierre-qui-Vire abbeyss; Vausse, Saint Jean des Bons Hommes, or Précy sur Thill priory. Nowadays, the spirituality of Burgundy extends even to buddhism at the La Boulaye Paldenshangpa.

At Vézelay visit the houses of Jules Roy or Romain Rolland where you can observe Zervos collection. Enjoy various concerts in Vézelay , and do not forget to take a look at Saint-Marie-Madeleine accompanied by the speakers from La Maison du Visiteur. At Saint-Sauveur en Puisaye, live throught the autobiography Colette. You will also be able to find the same aspiration than Buffon‘s one along the canal of Burgundy.

At Montbard, rent a coche d’eau, cross locks and go along the hill ofAlésia.

Hikers, find the GR213 ebetween Fonetnay and Vézelay. About the cyclists, go along the canal of Burgundy or of Nivernais thanks to La Maison du Vélo or Véli’Bourgogne.

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