Covid-19 Epidemic

La Cimentelle facing the current Covid-19 epidemic

First,  we are doing well and our health is not at stake at the moment. Our House is spared; the rural area around Avallon is slightly affected by epidemic.
It is with pleasure that we’ll receive you in our accommodation for a short stay, accompanying you on your next North-South or East-West trips.

Economic Situation with Epidemic

However, in terms of finance it is not easy.
From the outset, we suggested that travellers postpone their deposit to a later stay; all have understood this legitimate and fair play balance very well. (See our terms of use). If you wish to support us, you can pay a deposit corresponding to a new direct reservation for another stay with an unlimited usage time. In the context of the current epidemic, we will refund the deposit if the French state decides on a driving ban. For groups, we suggest as an alternative to postpone the deposit to a subsequent stay, unless agreed prior to booking.

To welcome you better

We are in the countryside in a secure environment with a low population density.
We have made a few arrangements to welcome you over the next few weeks:

  1. The car parks are enlarged to leave enough space for each vehicle
  2. Meals (dinners or breakfasts) are served at separate tables.
  3. In addition, dinner is served by table ; and can be lightened ( Starter or main course) ; however we only serve 5 tables per evening. (snack possible)
  4. You can also come with your own dinner and supplies to taste on the spot; you will be able to use the tables and dishes that we put at your disposal. But, we provide free mineral or sparkling water; and you can buy us wines or beers from the area.
  5. In order to avoid too many travellers at the same time, breakfast is offered on 3 different time slots: 8 am-8.45 am; 8:45 am – 9:30 am; 9.30-10.15am.
  6. Likewise, for breakfast, we no longer use bulk or buffet food products: we serve portions by independent tables. Thus, the sugars are packaged, the jams and fruit salad in individual ramekin.
  7. Tea and chocolate are available in individual jugs. Also, we are happy to serve you by ourselves cheese, as do yogurts, granola and coffee.
  8. In the house, water bottles, digital lock, doorbell, keys, doors, handles, switches, tables, TV remote controls are carefully and regularly disinfected. You have at your disposal an efficient WiFi connection.
  9. Our sanitary facilities are all very recent; they have been designed for effective and efficient cleaning; currently we are particularly vigilant with their asepsis.
  10. Household linen is always washed and dried at high temperature.

Reception time and your room

Our reception time in the rooms is offset by 1 hour (5 p.m.), to allow ventilation and efficient cleaning between 2 stays.
hope to be able to welcome you very soon, in the room you have chosen.
However, we would like to be able to leave a delay of 36 hours between 2 different travellers staying in the same room. Therefore, it is possible that we offer you another accommodation than the one you have reserved; let us know if your initial reservation is very important to you.
Thank you for your support.
Nathalie, Stéphane, Brigitte and Nadège / The team at La Cimentelle


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